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Decadent Dreams: An Exploration of Creativity and Expression

Elmira LilicComment

I am so thankful for everyone that helped my dream come true. I will remember this day forever, it felt so good to see my vision come to life. I imagined curating my own art show in March 2015 after being a part of an art show in Santa Barbara. I loved that evening so much that I knew right away I needed to create my own. Just about a year later that dream came true. I have been taking on one task each month to get me closer to this goal. I have learned so much in the entire process. I know that everything takes a team and a vision. Every person has been a detrimental part to my life and success that has been in my life. I am very grateful for the encouragement, support, advice and friendship from everyone that was involved.

I want to send out a special thanks to Allmost Gallery & Studio for sharing your space with me. A very big thank you to the artists involved; Deborah Lee Baker, Joaquin Howard, Gus Harper and Merima Tricic. Also, thank you John Hartman and Jordyn Giannamore for painting the greeting cards.  I could not have made it through the night without the magnificent team that helped me put everything up and down. Thank you Theresa, Katie, Devon, Mark, Rick, Jenna, Garret and Nehemiah, AJ and Jessica Hinds for your writing. I look forward to curating many more shows. 


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