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Here is a little more about me.

Elmira LilicComment

Through artistic expression, I connect with my emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. I see art as an expression of what life is through different perspectives. Art has the powerful ability to communicate across cultural boundaries; it is incredible to see different worldviews through the creations of artists all around the globe. This is the beauty of art to me. I feel personal growth and achievement through my artwork, now I am supporting children and other artists in reaching that expression. 

I am immensely involved in my community, I have been teaching kids how to paint for three years with Playground of Dreams. As a mentor, I learned how to teach kids about art and give them the tools and space for their self-expression and vision to flourish. In the past during my volunteer program with World Without Genocide, I helped with the ‘Tents of Witness’ exhibit, it is a visual art exhibit that has reached over 12,000 people since 2012, promoting genocide awareness, educational information and instructions on taking action.

Artistic expression is the language of the soul; the final product is a record of visions that helps us see the world in different ways. I am dedicated to using art as my tool of self-expression, exploring my challenges, finding my confidence and contributing to the world.