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Our first Non-profit organization is the Bosana Foundation!

Elmira LilicComment

Bosana Foundation provides marginalized youth with the tools, funds and resources to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their personal potential; therefore, moving them from a predicament of poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, which promotes viable civil societies. Bosana hopes that through the empowerment and education of youth history does not repeat itself and that Bosnia and Herzegovina can once again be a country that boasts peaceful multi-ethnic and multi-cultural traditions.

  • Bosana Foundation helps orphan and marginalized youth develop hobbies, interests and confidence by providing job training, internships, mentoring and access to higher education to decrease juvenile delinquency and unemployment.

  • Bosana helps supplement for the massive “brain drain” BiH experienced since the war by educating the youth with technical and practical knowledge and encouraging their drive to succeed.

  • Bosana facilitates peace building and reconstruction of the post conflict society through education.

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As a native of Bosnia I feel honored to contribute to this wonderful organization. Our family was just one of an estimated 2.2 million other displaced Bosnians that have lost their families, homes, farms and businesses. Since my childhood, Social responsibility was engrained as one of the most important values. The communities that we become a part of are reflections of us and of our society, built on the contribution each individual provides in resources, knowledge and diversity.

20% of our profits and an equal amount of greeting cards for December and January will go to Bosana Foundation.

We are grateful to you for supporting us and the Bosana Foundation!