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Immerse Yourself In Art.

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Elmira is an artist, art consultant and dealer who has shared the power of art with people across the globe. She believes art allows people to connect and communicate on a deeper level and is passionate about guiding others in their journey in building their own art collection that enriches their lives.

In addition to private consulting, Elmira has taught art to youth at Playground of Dreams and created community art murals for advocacy at World Without Genocide. 

Elmira was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Lived in Slovenia, Germany and Minnesota prior to moving to California. She received her double BA in Psychology and Ethnic Studies from Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She continues to explore the vast mediums of art through her own work and the work of other artists. When she is not creating and expressing herself through her own art, she is consulting for other artists and managing Timothy Yarger Fine Art.

I believe that the art we keep in our home is not only a reflection of ourselves and our life experience but also brings in new energy to our living space. Let me guide you to finding the perfect piece of art to make your home and life beautiful.